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Studia Hermetica’s academic commitment

Studia Hermetica is exclusively an academic project, which means that is based strictly in the principles normally attached to this perspective: textual criticism, research ethics, falsifiability, formality, neutrality… The people who participate in Studia Hermetica are recognized researchers or students (linked or not to an official institution), and not a practitioners or minions devoted to a concrete vision of life, religion, ideology, etc. Our work is published in periodical, scientific and recognized publications in the field.

In this sense, many departments of recognized Universities and well-known institutions support us, which means that they acknowledge our scientific value and our importance as a divulgators in the fields involved in Hermetism and hermeticism.

Studia Hermetica complies with all the requirements established by Latindex:

Studia Hermetica is an independent undertaking, not supported -economically speaking-, by any public or private institution. If you want to contribute to our work, we deeply appreciate it. Be sure that your monetary contributions will be used for supporting our inquiries, or in other words, to buy books related to our fields of research. Please, visit our donation’s section in Azogue Journal and donate books to our Documentation Center, opened to researchers and students interesting in these matters.


Herder Publisher, our proud sponsor

herdericonThe prestigious and well-known Herder Publisher supports Studia Hermetica! We encourage everybody interested in these passionate matters to take a careful look within its lists of titles related to our fields: Alchemy, Astrology, Mysticism, Magic, Theology, Philosophy, Arts… More than a century offering one of the best resources on these obscure fields of study.

¡La prestigiosa y célebre Herder Editorial apoya a Studia Hermetica! Animamos a todo el mundo que esté interesado en estas apasionantes materias a que observen cuidadosamente su fondo editorial: Alquimia, Astrología, Misticismo, Teología, Filosofía, Artes… Más de un siglo ofreciendo uno de los mejores recursos editoriales en estas oscuros terrenos de estudio.


Academic Supports

prestigious public and private institutions endorse us.










Studia Hermetica Journal se encuentra alojada en los fondos de Dialnet


Studia Hermetica Journal se encuentra alojada en el fondo de revistas digitales científicas REDIB


CEEO-UNASUR. Centro de Estudios sobre el Esoterismo Occidental de la UNASUR

Logo CEEO Unasur


Shared Artistic Projects

Studia Hermetica also has artistic purposes.


THE SPHERES: Virtual Gallery & Art Magazine


Studia Hermetica maintains a shared project with N-Sphere online journal, due to our mutual artistic and epistemological tendencies and obsessions, overall related to the obscure sides of the human being and its astonishing existence.Likewise, we share the exquisite taste in the dark and intricate places of arts and aesthetics.


Ramiro Tapia is one of the best Studia Hermetica’s friends and supporters since the very beginning. His amazing paintings show us the infinite and marvelous esence of our nature and inner condition, partially inherited from our magical childhood and imagination. The obscure reigns in which we use to spend our time in this orb are perfectly reflected in his artwork.



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Herder Publisher

Azogue Journal, our twin project

Studia Hermetica is a brother in arms with Azogue Journal in the struggle for encouraging the academic study of Hermetism and related currents within Hispanic World. We began in this prestigious platform and we will continue our amazing journey together.

Studia Hermetica Journal se encuentra alojada en el fondo de revistas digitales avalado por el CSIC. SHJ cumple con todos los requisitos establecidos por Latindex para la publicación científica.

Studia Hermetica Journal se encuentra alojada en los fondos de Dialnet (Universidad de la Rioja), el mayor portal de publicación científica en el mundo hispanohablante.