How do I become a member of this NSH? The minimum requirements of NSH membership are the usual for any sort of academic undertaking: a bachelor in a scientific, artistic or humanistic field of your own country, or merely an accreditation of being a valuable researcher in our fields of study; in despite of these requirements, we allow the participation of university students and “practitioners”, but always considering each particular case. I encourage you to join us, and share with the world your inquiries and thoughts. Anyway, Studia Hermetica is opened to centralize other project aimed by similar tenets, so if you are interesting in to unite your own projects with ours, go ahead.

Anyway, the first step to participate is to fill our application form through the index button with the motto: “Join us now!” We’ll contact you as soon as we can.

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Azogue Journal, our twin project

Studia Hermetica is a brother in arms with Azogue Journal in the struggle for encouraging the academic study of Hermetism and related currents within Hispanic World. We began in this prestigious platform and we will continue our amazing journey together.

Studia Hermetica Journal se encuentra alojada en el fondo de revistas digitales avalado por el CSIC. SHJ cumple con todos los requisitos establecidos por Latindex para la publicación científica.

Studia Hermetica Journal se encuentra alojada en los fondos de Dialnet (Universidad de la Rioja), el mayor portal de publicación científica en el mundo hispanohablante.