Ramiro Tapia-Ruano

Ramiro Tapia is a Spanish painter born in Santander in 1931.

ramiro1Ramiro Tapia represents an artist committed with his original and unique interior voice and gifted by a particular way of understand the artistic dedication… an authentic rara avis in our Postmodern times, leaded by ephemeral fashions and vacuous marketing tendencies. There’re infinite corners and hidden places in the inner heart of Ramiro’s artwork, and I deeply feel that is easy to lost oneself in his elusive labyrinths, his burning structures and disturbing symmetries, and definitely in the underlying creatures conceived attending to the prime Anima Mundi. Art, memory and knowledge have converged through magnificent and matchless architecture of imagery. His “Hermetic” quality is easy to identify attending to the intricate net of symbols and signs which displayed in his works, and I do suggest you to find them personally.

You’ll find a comprehensive curriculum of Mr. Tapia, inside SHJ and outside, in these official websites:

Official Ramiro Tapia’s website: http://www.ramirotapia.com/index.html

Ramiro’s weblog: http://ramirotapia.blogspot.com/

Ramiro’s Tumblr: http://ramirotapia.tumblr.com/

Online exhibition in Azogue Journal: http://www.revistaazogue.com/hermetica/Tapia.htm


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