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SH is a project inspired in some of the moral and aesthetics tenets reflected in a large amount of music, literature, cinema and philosophic masterpieces through History. Overall, we value the pursuit of man to vindicate his humanity against the brutal siege of modern civilization, and his everlasting quest to obtain the freedom and the wisdom to persevere in this hard life. Likewise, we affirm the privileged position of man in the known cosmos, based in his capacity of thought and in his restless will, and naturally in a soul capable to create art and philosophy. It’s not a question of allude to the ethical dogmas supported by this or that religion or philosophy, but to value the unavoidable dignity of mankind. In this sense, SH feels close to the following products of the imagination and thought (this list will be updated constantly).


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Finding Forrester (2000)

A wounded and solitary soul could be raised again with the assistance of the youth and the hope of one marvelous literary genius. A human soul does not need a title, a race or a class to obtain its artistic completion and its match. Finding Forrester is more than a story of two writers who met each other, is a narration of overcoming and friendship which believes in the bright side of human nature.

Gattaca (1997)

A human spirit does not need a gen. It does not matter whatever they say: if you feel passion for something, you may not doubt about the worth of your perseverance and will. The procedures of science have not the answer to the strange rules of the human soul. It depends much more on the light deployed by your heart, and the people who do not understand that everlasting truth, simply they never be capable to understand the human nature.

Le Concert (2010)

Beyond time and grief, the talent and the restless hope of a soul who love and think in music, will persevere until the final climaxLe Concert is a story about the very hidden secret of music and love. A daughter can redeem her deceased mother. Find it yourself.

Copying Beethoven (2006)

Solitude is my religion. It does not matter if Copying Beethoven is based or not in the real biography of the genius Beethoven, because it has caught his fierce soul perfectly. This open-hearted story meets all those elements that we love and seek in SH: beauty, passion, love, solitude, wisdom, music…

Avatar (2009)

The epic struggle between the claims of the living nature and the lifeless powers of the modern industrial mechanism of Western Colonization. Against -and beyond- the evil and the alienation of mankind, a unified group of pure creatures can acquire the victory with the help of the Earth. Avatar reminders us that we must to hear the voice of the Mother Nature and its pounding sounds, in order to survive and do not lose our primary and veritable animal condition. Avatar is a visual poem in defense of our precious and harm environment.

Blade Runner (1982)

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe… Blade Runner is more than a science fiction movie: it’s the painful portrait of a dark and deranged society submerged in the decadence and the despair consubstantial to the entrails of Western Civilization. Replicants are human slaves, and not merely smart machines, thus they are capable to love, hate and fight. On the other hand, it results delicious to observe the contrast of the delicacy and the fragility performed in the piano scene (I dreamt music, says Deckard…), and the frightening and surrounded mass of a 2019’s Babylon.

Le Roi Danse (2000)

The Platonic perfection of the rhythm and the aesthetical brightness performed by Le Roi Soleil in his dances, carries us to the understanding of the artistic and iconographic elements showed in that passionate period of European History. This fact allied with the pathos consubstantial to the human nature which lies underneath the plot, inform us about a marvelous film.

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