Peer review process

The galleys presented will be subject to scrutiny by editors, authors and external evaluators. Said process of counting will not exceed six months.

The process is the following:

Any of the three managing editors (Mar Rey Bueno, Miguel López Pérez or Iván Elvira) will receive the manuscript and will judge separately the academic value of the manuscript. This first analysis will not exceed three months.

The adaptation to the norms of publication is a task common to the three editors, but not the examination of the content, which will be conducted as follows: A) If the manuscript deals with History of Alchemy, History of Magic or History of Science, the judgement will fall on Mar Rey Bueno and Miguel López Pérez. B) If it is on the History of Hermetism, Neoplatonism, Middle Platonism or Occultism, Iván Elvira will be responsible for judging the suitability of the manuscript.

If the manuscript deals with other matters not expressly mentioned, it will resort to the judgment of one or more external evaluators. This subsequent examination may not exceed three months.

The anonymity of the authors of the manuscripts is not guaranteed; we firmly believe in the impartiality and ethics of our editors.

The manuscripts integrated in the series “eXcogito” will obtain the quality of “essays”, not “academic papers”, therefore the review process in this case will be more permissive: the acceptance of two of the three editors or the editor-in-chief (Iván Elvira), will suffice.

Finally, the manuscripts will be reviewed by a specialist philologist and designed using a professional word processor.

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