Studia Hermetica Journal

Studia Hermetica Journal (SHJ) is a peer-reviewed online journal devoted to the study of Hermetism and other ancient philosophical currents, like Middle Platonism, Neoplatonism, or Theurgy. In general terms, we focus our inquiries on Late Antiquity and the reception of these ancient opuses in Renaissance and Modern Times. In addition, SHJ is opened to the rest of the fields normally involved in the so called Western Esotericism, such as Christian Theosophy, Mysticism, Masonry, Rosicrucianism, as well as History of Alchemy, Astrology, and Magic, or Occultism.

newlogo2The academic contents of the journal are strictly the published issues. We consider the rest of the online contents, the divulgator and artistic sides of the journal, prottected and identified with the rights and obligations derived from Legal Deposit, ISSN, and copyright laws, but not constricted by academic requirements.

ISSN: 2174-0399.

Year of publication: 2011.

Publisher: José Iván Elvira Sánchez.

Place of publication: Granada (Spain).

Periodicity: Annual.

Managing Editors: Miguel López Pérez, Mar Rey Bueno, José Iván Elvira Sánchez.

Editorial Board: Francisco García Bazán, Federico José Xamist, David de los Santos Juanes Muñoz, José Miguel Puerta Vílchez, Javier Castillo Colomer, Francisco de Mendonça Jr.

Proofreader for the Spanish, French, Greek and Latin texts: Ana Becerra Martínez (French philologist and teacher in Spanish Literature and grammar; teacher in Classical languages).

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Studia Hermetica Journal‘s contents are able to access in CSIC and Dialnet’s online databases. 

Los contenidos de Studia Hermetica Journal están disponibles para su libre descarga en los fondos digitales de REDIB y Dialnet:



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Herder Publisher

Azogue Journal, our twin project

Studia Hermetica is a brother in arms with Azogue Journal in the struggle for encouraging the academic study of Hermetism and related currents within Hispanic World. We began in this prestigious platform and we will continue our amazing journey together.

Studia Hermetica Journal se encuentra alojada en el fondo de revistas digitales avalado por el CSIC. SHJ cumple con todos los requisitos establecidos por Latindex para la publicación científica.

Studia Hermetica Journal se encuentra alojada en los fondos de Dialnet (Universidad de la Rioja), el mayor portal de publicación científica en el mundo hispanohablante.