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Leonora 1917: adelanto dossier

Adelanto de los contenidos del próximo dossier: SHJ VII, 1, eXc dossier V, a cargo de Mar Rey Bueno.



Publicamos el primer tríptico informativo de nuestro próximo número especial “Leonora 1917”, a cargo de Mar Rey Bueno.

Leonora 1917. Tríptico

“Firma de Leonora Carrington alterada por software de edición de imagen”, Centro Cultural Estación Indianilla (2017). Copyright of the author and heirs.

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  1. I am the author of the first article listed here. I would love to obtain a copy of this issue. I tried to print out my article, but i’m not getting anything but the title page with all the titles. Can you please tell me how to get a copy of this issue so that I can read all the articles. Thanks so much in advance. I am really looking forward to reading these papers, and I hope it can be done online.


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