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Hermetism Online

The History of Alchemy, Astrology, Magic, Hermetism, Occultism or Theurgy constitute an academic phenomena relatively alien to the vast majority of the mainstream scholars devoted to fields such as the History of Philosophy, Comparative Religions or Science… until now, with the appearance in stage of renewed ways of tackling these usually ignored realities. The so called ‘founders’ of this particular branch of study (if we consider it properly a field of study) were widely recognized scholars though: Louis Ménard (1822-1908), Wilhelm Bousset (1865-1920), Richard August Reitzenstein (1861-1931), Karl Preisendanz (1883-1968), Bouché-Leclercq (1842-1923), Eduard Zeller (1814-1908), Franz Cumont (1868-1947), Lynn Thorndike (1882-1965), Louis Massignon (1883-1962) or Julius Ruska (1867-1949). Therefore the lack of specialization found online is progressively unjustifiable, precisely because of the huge effort in elucidating these obscured fields unfolded in the last decades.

The project ‘Hermetism Online’ (2018-) is an attempt of highlighting the enormous amount of online data regarding our fields of study, particularly from Late Antiquity to Renaissance. In doing so, we hope to achieve a more thorough and thoughtful approach, with the purpose of leading the way to a whole new generation of researchers.

A slight look at the provided list of scholars easily determine where and how has been deciphered this complex reality that we intend to shed some light on. ‘Hermetism’ is a narrow label, a mere excuse, really, in the pursuit of picturing a wider portrait of the philosophic and religious thought in Antiquity, which is, in truth, our main goal.


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Digital humanities in the study of Hermetism: forthcoming.
The Occutist Database online (1850-1950): forthcoming.