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The Occultist Database

Projects names: “The Occultist Database (1800-1950)” / “The secret history of Psychology (19th-20th centuries)”

Scheduled publication: 2013-

Involved researchers: David de los Santos Juanes, Iván Elvira.

Manly Palmer Hall (1901-1990)

Description: The Occultist Database is an academic initiative proposed by the scientific committee of Studia Hermetica Journal, whose main objective is to recover the memory of those authors related in one way or another with the occult currents developed between 1800 to 1950. As historians of thought, we would like to see revalued an entire episode of Western History which has been unjustly relegated to the depths of many libraries.

The historical-critical methods and the artistic expression constitute our ways to face the tons of sources, manuscripts and graphic material waiting to be rescued for the future generations. We know how to do it and we hope to acquire the resources to accomplish this daunting task.

Objectives: the critical edition of unpublished manuscripts, the making of a taxonomy which meets the doctrines and theories related to the field, the recovering of the memory of those opuses and personalities unfairly forgotten.


-Essay: “Literature & Occultism in the Victorian Era” (N-Sphere, 10-11/2011), by Iván Elvira.

-Essay: “Zanoni, una novela rosacruz” (Studia Hermetica, 01/12), by Iván Elvira.

-Paper: “Pneumathurgy: a glimpse into the Occult” (Studia Hermetica, 12/2013), by Iván Elvira.

-De Umbris Idearum’s entry (30/12/2013): L’imagination créatrice, by Iván Elvira.

-Paper: “Jung, del Psicoanálisis a la Psicología Analítica” (Studia Hermetica, 12/2015), by David de los Santos Juanes.

-Review: “Reseña crítica de la fuente On the nightmare” (Studia Hermetica, 12/2015), by David de los Santos Juanes.

-De Umbris Idearum’s entry (26/12/2015): Símbolos de transformación, by Iván Elvira.