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Nigri Viri

ἀπογυμνοῦν αὐτὰ καὶ τὴν εὐτέλειαν αὐτῶν καθορᾶν
καὶ τὴν ἱστορίαν ἐφ̓ ᾗ σεμνύνεται περιαιρεῖν.


Solitude and absence of judgment are the fundamental pillars of Nigri Viri’s ways; a rule for a man who faces the century hopeless and helpless; who claims for understanding based on what they call suspension: trustful yet dubious toward bold concepts such as truth, end, purpose, sense or meaning.

Scientists of souls, devoid in void defending innocence and clearness. Masterminds covered in darkness. They just do not affirm in sick or health, however they evolve in solving the mysteries of the labyrinth. The lack of dramatism conveys a vacuum of leading feel, so they turned into intermediaries of prior phenomena. There is no guidance in life, but a creative stream shaping opaque crystal, reaching out perfection in the mere process of casting a shadow.

Nigri viri, they are anarchas: their label stems from Cain’s mark, although their bibliothèque lies in the Prince-Princeps of Eternal Return’s textbooks. Sitting in perpetual mourning for the gone souls, they work in craving the madness which entails all creation; that is the very reason why they dress black clothing.
Persona’s collective dimension is a tragic misalignment of the hidden forces of the soul, compelled by a mischievous desire of being lavished or entitled by the alien. The otherness is forbidden; its terms are pointless. By pouring into the soul, we will be able to build a fine façade for ourselves up. Egocentrism is a weak offspring of the dissolution in the alien.

Solitary by definition; seeking a procedure that establishes boundaries in a life self-designed. Death is flying over us so we are giving up our fate uncomplaining. Alone, adrift, stranded, yearning for a redemption located at the bottom of their inner-selves. Serenity, clarity, peace of mind are the means to a greater end: strengthen identity in opposition to invasive-lurking egos.

Nigri viri they call themselves, black men who contemplate the scenario through the eyes of the anthropologist, without stepping up for causes whatsoever. Though rage is sacred it has to be delivered in conscience. An angry calm they profess in the pursuit of struggling against the given. Untrusting pros who read and write, ripping apart thin egos. Enlightened pessimists who ran away from outer-definition: there is no righteous epithet for the world outside.

Action-introspection toward mythology and religion: sub-layouts lying in the heart of misconception, albeit unquestionable. In the end, will and action are the main references for the endless road of the so called flat circle. Awareness colludes with autonomy, in a restless attempt for pursuing pure troublesome. In short we seek involvement; nays and yeas originated from a founding purpose: to know, to delineate the underlying logos that surround us. You may say suspension is an illusion, but for that term we fathom the consecution of choosing: a description of becoming-into-being which gives birth übermenschs.

By accepting the impossibility of free-will and embracing the subjugating prison they inhabit, they paradoxically liberated themselves from the tyranny of fear. There is no point in the fact of perceiving but then again they lead their ways out to the completion of their innate skills.

Dream-agination is the prime pounding realm of life, therefore a freeman is unequivocally seeking for lighting up the shady corners of the unconscious. Symbolizing-understanding constitutes the commanding feature of absence.

Every thought accommodates the truth of symbolizing art, therefore we philosophize literary through the ways of language. Coherence is the vanishing point of philosophy, while science focuses on the ephemeral. Truth lies in action, edging forward restraint and responsibility.


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